Living off-grid is not quiet the same – no electricity bills.

Only a few short years ago “living off-grid” meant a compromised lifestyle. But no longer. With smart inverters, more efficient solar panels and the lithium battery revolution “living off-grid” may simply mean “no more electricity bills”.

Off-grid standalone systems require consideration to be give to the individual needs when designing and tailoring the electrical system. There is no “one size fits all” solution and whatever system you choose it should be flexible enough to cater for your present needs and be able to be added to to cater for your emerging needs..

Here is a popular system configuration that might spark your thinking about “living off-grid” and what a great lifestyle it is.

Living Off-grid

6kW 2-3 Bed Cottage

Here is an example design of an off-grid suitable for the average 2-3 bedroom cottage. The design is based up the “AC bus” system using the industry leading technologies of SMA and BYD.

What is the advantage of an “AC bus” system? Traditionally an off-grid system used solar panels in concert with a battery charger to charge the battery bank with an inverter then connected to the battery bank to produce electricity. This limited the system to the capacity of the battery system.

With an “AC bus” design the systems is able to supply both the capacity of both the battery inverter and the solar inverter simultaneously. It also means that the system is easily extended by the adding additional string inverters to the AC bus.

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