Solar Pumping Systems

Solar pumping system consists of solar panels, pump controller, a pump and somewhere for the water to go to, like a tank or dam.

Solar Pumping Systems


Solar pumping systems are made up of solar panels, pump controller, a pump and somewhere for the water to go to, like a tank or dam.

The pump may be driven by either a direct current, DC, or an alternating current, AC, motor. For DC powered pumps, the solar controller regulates the DC voltage and current from the solar panels to match the load of the pump to the available power.

Power Depot, Solar Pumping System diagram.

For AC powered pumps, the controller or solar pumping inverter, converts the DC power from the solar panels to alternating current, AC, to drive the pump. To match the solar panel power to the pump load, the solar pumping inverter varies the output frequency of the AC delivered to the pump, much like a variable speed drive, up to the maximum pump running speed. AC pumps may be powered by either single phase or 3 phase supply depending upon the pump power required.

DC or AC Pump?

Why the difference? Commonly, DC powered pumps are small, generally speaking less than 1000W. Whereas AC powered pumps range in size from a 500W to 2.2kW for single phase and from 500W to 100kW or more for 3 phase pumps.

For low power applications, DC pumps may be more cost effective. For larger system AC systems offer advantages in cost, operating efficiency, grid connection or alternative AC sources and choice of system components.

Operation of the pumping system may be monitored through a adding sensors to detect low water in the bore, high water in tanks or troughs or by monitoring line pressures and operations may be controlled localized switches, radio, telephone or internet networks. For more details, talk through your particular requirements with one of our consultants.

 Solar systems may also be added to existing pump installations reducing costs whilst giving new to existing value in existing equipment.

They offer new opportunities to farm more efficiently and more sustainably where traditional infrastructure simply does not exist or is prohibitively expensive.

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