Solar Pumping Inverters

JNTech Solar Pumping Inverters are one of the most exciting developments in farm water management offering unrivalled value and flexibility.

Combined with the flexibility of proven AC pump technology, JNTech solar pumping inverters put you in control of water and independant from the electricity grid.

With inverters available from 1kW to 132kW capaity, in single and 3 phase configurations JNTech Solar Pumping Inverters deliver cost-effective, flexible water management.


Vital for life, pumping water is one of the most common on farm activities.

Big or small, grid-connected or powered by the sun, the right amount of water in the right place, at the right time has been the man-on-the-land’s dream for countless generations.

Power Depot carries in stock some of the most common requirements in pump ready for dispatch on the day of order or take advantage of our team’s installation expertise.

And our simple tools will help you select the right pump or talk to one of our friendly consultants.

Knowledge Skills Experience

We have the knowledge, skills and experience to make it happen.

And total customer satisfaction is our goal.

We install and service what we do so that you can do what you do best – farm.

Living Off-grid

Living off-grid doesn’t mean going without. Power Depot is able to custom design an off-grid system that will match your life style and budget.

Using industry leading brands, such as SMA, Trina and BYD, our fully qualified and accredited designers and installers have the knowledge, skill and experience to deliver the power solution that is right for you.

Commercial & Industrial

Power Depot is able to design, supply and install systems to meet the needs of industrial and commercial customers. From just a few kilowatts through to 100kW plus systems.

Get ahead of your power bill the easy way with “home made” electricity.

Farms & Farm Sheds

Making your own electricity is like growing your own – you get the benefits and nothing tastes as good a fruit straight from the tree.

Making electricity where you need it to drive the shearing, the shed, the pumps, and shortly, the vehicles more than makes sense, it delivers to the bottom line.

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Featured Product

The H1 Series JNTech 3Phase Solar Inverters offer great flexibility and freedom to supply water where you need it for stock and domestic needs. Simple to install, these standalone solar inverters have been specially designed to power standard 3 phase 380-460Volt pump motors. This gives you the freedom to choose – buy a new pump or simply add power to one that you already own. Through smart design, backed by field experience, these inverters can be found in operation in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and now here. And cleverly, these inverters incorporate safety features like low-water sensing to protect your pump installation.

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    Power Depot, Resources. Information and resources on solar products.