Small Technology Certificate

Small Technology Certificates, STC, are a support initiative by the Federal Government to help in the uptake of renewable energy. The main role of the STC scheme has to incentivize the uptake of roof-top solar systems of less than 100kW capacity. However the scheme is equally applicable to off-grid systems as well as standalone systems such as solar pumping.

Small Technology Certificate

There are plenty of rules governing the scheme however these boil down to a few basic conditions for a solar installation to qualify for the STC scheme.

  • The scheme must have permission to connect to the grid if it is to be grid-connected,
  • The scheme must make electricity like grid electricity, either 240VAC single phase or 415VAC 3 phase,
  • The solar panels must be approved by the Clean Energy Council, list here,
  • The inverter converting the solar DC electricity to AC electricity must be on the list of inverters approved by the Clean Energy Council, list here, and,
  • The designer and installer must be suitably approved by the Clean Energy Council, list here, for the particular work involved.

To be eligible to claim the Small Technology Certificates for a rooftop grid-connect installation a customer needs to have permission to connect from the network provider, panels on the list, an inverter on the list, a designer and and installer on the list with accreditation for grid-connect design and install. Generally solar retailers organize all the paperwork behind the scenes and the customer is generally quote a system price based upon  the customer assigning the STCs to the retailer who latter sells the STCs through a brokering house. In some circumstances a development application may be required from your local Council or authority.

To be eligible to claim the Small Technology Certificates for a solar pumping installation, a standalone power system (SPS), the panels, inverter and designer/installer must have the appropriate accreditation for SPS.

How many STC’s would your proposed system get?  It depend upon the system size and location. The Clean Energy Regulator has a simple on-line calculator to help you establish the number of STC you maybe entitled to. You will need to know your system size based upon the solar panel nominal capacity, for example 18 panels at 330W per panel giving a 5.94kW system, and located at say, Coonabararbran NSW, post code 2357, for deemed solar over 11years, would yield an entitlement to 100 STCs. These are traded in the market place with a market value of $30-$37. You retailer should be able to guide you as to their value.

Just check the STC check box when search for products on the Power Depot shop to find which are qualified to receive the Small Technology Certificate.

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